Is COVID-19 an alternative to world war 3?
The 21st century has been remarked as the era of technological advancements and human efficiency racking unprecedented heights of living standards. Twenty years into it and it spoke volumes of the evolution made by humans in every field of life. Particularly in technology, artificial intelligence and healthcare. However, nature always has plans uncalled for. The pandemic, rising from Wuhan, China has engulfed the entire world, whole the International powers to the core, and has disturbed, maybe for good, every essence of life it could.
It has brought International power and emerging leaders all to their knees probably exposed their reality of how feeble "power" can be. Millions have lost their lives while fighting with this pandemic COVID-19, and billion of the people are still suffering from it, finding themselves in constant fear of losing their lives while the rest either cured or trying to best not to catch up with this pandemic. The sky-high standard of this healthcare in developed and developing countries alike are facing an extreme emergency to cope up with the rising power of this COVID-19. Economies and industries are in danger of being crippled over it. Humanity faces terrifying insecurity in terms of health and wealth with seemingly no way out.
Millions of death, crippling economies and terror everywhere, in this not scenario humanity has sighted before? Is this something that resembles a world war? Can we call it to world war 3? These and so many other questions pop up when we shade the light to the current COVID-19 situation fiasco with no humanity has dealt with in the world wars which fought in the 20th century. Even if it would not be a question to come up with international leaders used it as an apology of the world, probably to create a sense of urgency and responsibility among the general public, but the question needs to be answered if we have the audacity to call it to world war 3? Let us have a deep analysis and find out ourselves.
One must keep in mind that world wars always had a side that was looking up for the attainment of resources and land, thereby extending their rule. It was driven by a sense to feel important on the international stage, guided by their insecurities and terminated by the explosion of power, either of themselves or oppressed bucks. To put up it in perspective, it had always been one against another, but not at all. The entire world never had to physically face the wrath of war itself. Here again COVID-19, it is one against all. There is no class, no group, no nation, and not even an individual who can be assured safe from it. It is the whole of the world, trying its best not to encounter COVID-19 in any way.




Literature and Linguistics

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Arvind Kumar

Arvind Kumar

Literature and Linguistics

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